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Wright Brothers Transport White Glove

All delivery personnel are uniformed with Navy Blue Polos and will have booties on the vehicle in the event your client asks us to use them. Our White Glove Delivery service includes the removal of packaging and other debris from the residence. 

Our live delivery tracking software which allows the end  user the ability to see where the driver is and an ETA to their residence. 

White-Glove Delivery

First and foremost, we are a White-Glove Delivery Service, not a moving company. With over 40 years of experience in the white glove delivery

field, there is not a situation or delivery that we have not come across and mastered. We understand that we represent you and your company. As such, we are usually one of the last interactions with your company that the customer may see, and this is a crucial element in repeat business. We realize that our employees are more than guys in a uniform, so we take the time to train them in the handling of delicate and high-end furniture, as well, they are all courteous and uniformed. The white-glove treatment isn't some gimmick where you don white gloves to deliver furniture. It is an ideal of a level of delivery that should be unsurpassed in quality, performance, professionalism, and service to you and your customers. When things are done right people appreciate it. This is our target; this is what we do.


White-Glove Services


  • The Receiving of items into our warehouse.

  • A choice of just a receiving report or a more detailed inspection report.

  • Tracking of items throughout the delivery process utilizing the unique item identity code.

  • Delivery details for our white-glove services are:

    • Real-time tracking of your delivery starting 2 hours in advance of your delivery with live tracking when the delivery crew is 30 minutes away

    • The removal of all items from their packaging

    • All items are to be put in place where the consignee requests

    • Assembly of any items that are needed

    • The removal of any packaging debris resulting from the delivery process

    • A trained and experienced crew with all of the requisite knowledge and tools needed to deliver items successfully

    • Electronic POD's with image capture at the point of delivery 

Real-Time Delivery Tracking

How many times have you sat in front of a screen tracking an order that says your order is out for delivery? It's frustrating. You have things that you need to do. Maybe you need to run to the store real quick, or go and grab lunch or even run to the bathroom and you don't know if you the time to do that before the delivery crew arrives. At Wright Brothers, our delivery suite allows you to track the vehicle in real-time directly to your location. 

You will receive a text message 2 hours away giving you a predicted ETA to when your delivery will arrive at your house. When the delivery vehicle is 30 minutes away you will receive a second notification with a live tracking map where you can follow the delivery vehicle in real-time to your location.



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