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Receiving & Inspecting

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Wright Brothers Transport Interior Designer Services

Page 1 of our Receiving Report detailing all information for the item as well as a description of damage if there are any.

Wright Brothers Transport Interior Design

The delivery team will stay with you during the installation to make sure every detail is perfect.

Interior Design & Architectural Services

It all starts with the consolidation of your furniture into a single location so that we can begin the installation process for your project. Whether that project is large or small, you will receive the same level of detail through the receiving process, which is supervised by our Warehouse Manager.


  • Receiving items into our warehouse with personalized identification for every item. Each items unique code will have a project side mark as well as marked with the specific location of where the item will be placed upon final installation

  • Your choice of two different styles of reports

    • A receiving report denoting that the item was received along with the unique item identifier. If a box is in a distressed condition, photographs will be sent to you to see if you would like us to inspect the piece.

    • A more detailed inspection report outlining the condition of the item along with photographs, description of any damages to ensure prompt responses to any issues, the unique item identifier.

  • For delicate items and artwork that needs to be collected, crating services are available.

Inventory Processing

Our state of the art inventory processing system organizes your project items based on the unique identification code received at the point of receipt. The items are digitized with pictures and are easily traceable through a variety of methods. The inventory system is easily accessible through your computer, phone, or tablet regardless if you are using Apple, Android, or Windows devices. 


  • All items for your project are put into an easy to use inventory system. 

  • The layout is based around the unique code for each individual item along with a picture, description of the piece & any notations about the item. 

  • Multiple pictures are uploaded along with the projects name or side mark, room where the items will be going 

  • The ability to sort items in the inventory system by project name, room, item code, or any item status such as damaged items or items that have been delivered and what date they were delivered.

Project Installation

Our experienced & trained installation crew (with a minimum of 7 years at Wright Brothers and a maximum of 22 years) will be able to install and assemble any items that your project requires. A dedicated Project Coordinator will be with you throughout your project to have a person who is intimately familiar with all the products and any needs that are required for your project.


  • Pre-Planning for a coordinated and efficient installation.

  • A week prior to installation we will review all items to be delivered so there are no surprises in the days leading up to the installation.

  • A single project coordinator to assist you throughout the receiving stage, all the way to the coordination for the final installation day.

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