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Wright Brothers and Onfleet Offset Partnership

Wright Brothers Transport is a carbon-neutral delivery company thanks to our inclusion with Onfleet Offset. As of January 1, 2022, we have purchased 13.49 tons of CO2 offset credits that our delivery fleet is estimated to have created. On Earth Day 2021, when Onfleet announced they were going to be working with Pachama to create a program called Onfleet Offset, we were among the first to sign up. Pachama is a technology company that uses LiDAR imaging, artificial intelligence algorithms and satellite forestry maps to determine the most sustainable and effective uses for their reforestation efforts. The images on this page are from the verified reforesting projects that Wright Brothers is helping to create. The certified Projects are the Kootznoowoo Project in Alaska, Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga (BCBM) project in Columbia and the Brazil Nut Concessions project in Peru.

Recycling Efforts

At Wright Brothers, we try to recycle everything that we can and dispose of what is not recyclable or can't be used any longer. All of the cardboard boxes that come into our facility will be broken down and sent to our local recycling processing center so they can be given a new life. The wood that comes into us in the form of crates is sent to local woodworkers, contractors and sometimes is sent to be reused as mulch. The pallets that we get in are picked up or delivered to pallet recyclers to be used another time in the shipping journey. 

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Fleet Electrification & Emissions Reduction 

As me move to replace the trucks and vans within our fleet, we have to think towards the next generation. In this forward thinking progress


Biodegradable & Recycled Packaging

When possible and requested, we offer packing of certain items with biodegradable foam products to prevent regular styrofoam sheets from ending up in landfills and then never break down. Our biodegradable foam sheets are infinitely recyclable and break down when left in a sink, they can be used in a composting pile and break down in around 60 days, you can safely and cleanly burn it to start a backyard grill when needed, you can even add it to your potting soil as it is a natural plant food all while providing sufficient protection for your valuable items while they are in transit. For any packed or crated items that require fill product to be used, we also provide a natural foam packaging option that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The Kraft paper that we use to protect your paintings and artwork is made of 100% recycled materials. Our biodegradable foam option allows us to protect your items all while protecting our environment.

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